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Listed below are the operating systems that are officially supported by Fishbowl. Fishbowl supports MySQL 5.7 or higher.

Operating System Notes
Windows 10 Pro & EnterpriseHome edition is not supported
Windows 8 ProHome edition is not supported
Windows 7Home edition is not supported
Windows Server 2016Essentials edition is not supported
Windows Server 2012Essentials edition is not supported
Mac OS X 10.7.3 or newerLimited support. See Fishbowl for Mac
LinuxLimited support. See Fishbowl for Linux


  1. Exchange runs better if there isn't anything else running at the same time. It is recommended that Fishbowl/QuickBooks server run on a different computer than the Exchange server.
  2. QuickBooks embeds Internet Explorer and uses many of its functions for viewing and for third party application connections (such as Fishbowl). QuickBooks Support recommends you set your settings to:
    • Internet zone: Medium
    • Local intranet zone: Medium-low
The permission settings of and Windows 7 can cause issues in Fishbowl. If you are having issues with permissions you may want to try granting all permissions to all users on your Fishbowl and QuickBooks program folders.

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