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New Features

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Release 2013
[[File:Only Fishbowl.png|link=|25px|bottom]]  '''Below are a few of the new features in Fishbowl 2012.72013'''
* Products Fishbowl is now [[File:UPS.png|top]] '''UPS Ready'''<font size=1>®</font> which means that UPS features are built into Fishbowl and Inventory quantities can now directly accessible with no additional software required.* The [[Sales Order#UPS|UPS integration in the Sales Order module]] provides the ability to display UPS rates for the open Sales Order and allows the shipping amount to be added to the Sales Order.* The [[ProductShipping#Pipeline_SyncUPS|synced with Fishbowl PipelineUPS integration in the Shipping module]] provides the ability to get and accept quotes, create and void shipments, print labels, and return shipments.* The [[Schedule]] module has been improved to be cleaner, faster, and viewed from the cloudmore reliable.* [ Pipeline] is a includes many new product from features and pulls more information when syncing with Fishbowl that allows some of Fishbowl's data to be accessed from a web-based application , such as location groups, UOMs, sales tax rates, detailed inventory numbers (on hand, on computersorder, tabletsallocated), and phones[ more].* Carton weights in the Shipping module are now automatically calculated based on the contents of the cartonFishbowl has been updated to Java 7.* The Vendor field in the Receiving module is now As a hyperlink that opens result, the vendor in the Vendor module.* There is a new Ship Service field that can Fishbowl 2013 installer will need to be set on the Customer or run on the Sales Order.* Purchase Order item fulfillment dates are now set by the Vendor lead timeeach client computer.* See the [[Release Notes#20122013.7 0 Release Notes - 812/96/2012|Release Notes]] and [[Change Log#20122013.7 0 Change log - 812/96/2012|Change Log]] for more details.

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