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{{Template:Infobox User}}[[File:Icon.{{Module Introduction|User.png]] The User Module is where |Setup}} allows an administrator may to create new users and set passwords. They may also assign users manage which user groups and location groups a user belongs to User Groups and set default Location Groups.
The following functions are available through the User Module:==Create a new user==
* Create new users* Set Each user passwords* Inactivate or activate is also a salesperson and can be assigned to an order on the {{ModuleTab|Sales Order|Details}}. Follow the steps below to create a new user* Assign users to User Groups* Assign default and additional Location Groups* Write/print memos.
== Create a New # In the {{Module|User }}, click the {{topButton|New}} ==in the module toolbar.# Enter a '''First Name''', '''Last Name''', '''Username''', and '''Initials'''. The initials correspond to the salesperson initials in QuickBooks. An email address and phone number can also be stored in Fishbowl.<br>[[File:User Details.png]]# Click the '''Set Password''' button. The user can later change their password.# Click the '''Location Groups''' tab and assign a default Location Group. When this user creates an order, their default location group will be used to set the location group of the order. This step also sets up the locations that the user will be able to access for picking and put-a-way.# Add any other location groups that this user should have access to by double-clicking the '''Location Group''' in the '''Available''' list.# A memo can be added to the user by clicking on the '''Memo''' tab.# Click the '''Save''' button in the module toolbar to commit the changes.
In Users can also be created using the User Module, click the {{Button[[CSV|New}} from the module toolbar. Enter the First and Last name of the user as well as their initials. Next, you will want to set a password for the user by clicking on the '''Set Password''' buttonimport]].
{{EditDeleteInactivate|user|click the '''UsersAdvanced Search''' are also considered button and select '''SalesmenShow Inactive Only'''. In }}* To reset all column layouts to the Sales Order module default, click the [[Customize_Fishbowl#Reset_layout| Details subtab, any salesman to be assigned to a Sales Order must first be created as a UserReset Layout]] button.
[[File:User Details.png]]==Change a user password==
Each user will need to have '''Location Groups rights''' as well as can change their password by opening the '''User Groups rights'''. To give Location Group rights, click on the Location Groups subtab located next to the general subtab. First choose a default location group for the user, then below select the location groups you would like to user to belong to. Simply highlight the location group on the left module and click on the top arrow to move the location group under clicking the '''User Belongs ToChange Password''' right sidebutton.
If you would like to add a Memo for An administrator can also set the password of any user, click on by double-clicking the user and then clicking the '''memo subtabSet Password''' (optional). Save the new user by clicking the {{Button|Save}} from the module toolbarbutton.
== Delete or Inactivate a User {{top}} == In the user module you may delete a user by highlighting the user in the search panel, then clicking the {{Button|Delete}} located in the module toolbar. A user may be inactivated by double clicking on the user in the search panel. On the right hand side of the screen underneath the Initials box you will want to uncheck the Active status for that user. After you have unchecked the box, click the {{Button|Save}} on the module toolbar. [[File:Active user.png]] To view an '''inactive user''', click on the advanced search button in the search panel of the User Module. Select to '''Show inactive users only''', or select Show All and see both inactive and active users and click Search. [[File:User advanced searchChange password.png]]
== Change a User Password {{top}} Missing information==
In A prompt will be displayed during login for users with missing information. To skip the Search Panel of prompt in the User Modulefuture, double-click the user whose password you would like to changeselect '''Do not ask again'''.
Click the button labeled '''Set Password'''. Enter the new password, and then confirm that it was typed correctly by entering it again. Click '''OK'''. When running Fishbowl for the first time, the default Username and Password are both '''admin'''. We recommend changing these defaults as soon as possible. '''''Note: Only Administrators can change all users' passwords. Individual users can only change their own. If your administrator password is still set to admin, you should change it to something more secure. If you need your password reset, please call or contact Fishbowl support. ''''' [[File:Change passwordMissing information.png]]
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