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Module Options:Payment Viewer

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== Payment Viewer Module Options {{top}} ==
={{{1|}}} <!-- We use this to pass in an introduction when the module options are in the module article -->MODULE OPTIONS=
'''CREDIT CARD PROCESSING SUBTAB''' [[File:Payment_viewer_module_options.png{{Intro|400px|right]]Payment Viewer}}
* '''{{MOH2|Credit Card Requirements'''Processing}} [[File:The Payment Viewer allows for the following information to be required before the credit card may be processed on an order::* Credit Card Number must be Valid:* Security Code (CV2#):* Name on Card:* Billing Address:* Billing Postal Code:* Billing Country CodePayment_viewer_module_options.png|{{width}}|right]]
* The data required to process a payment can be customized in the '''Hide credit card numberCredit Card Requirements'''section.:An administrative user has the ability to '''hide credit * Credit card numbers''' from users. For safety reasons, this will allow all users to only view the last 4 digits of the number and the expiration date. must be valid:* Security code (CV2 #):* Name on card:* Billing address:* Billing postal code{{Clear}}:* Billing country code

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