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{{HideH2|2020.2.0X – 02-20-2020 - Fishbowl 2020.2}}
*Fixed null error when not using the tax mapping table with an unknown state/province in FB
'''3DCart Only'''
* Fixed mapping doesn't exist error when using the state tax mapping table
'''ShipStation Only'''
* Removed the residential shipping flags in the settings panel and in the shipment export panel of the plugin. The residential flag on the shipping address in Fishbowl is now used exclusively to determine when it should be set in ShipStation
'''SPS Plugin Only'''
* Fixed fulfilled quantity and picked quantity header name in the purchase order feed.
* Fixed null value for order level OrderScheduledDate in purchase order file
{{HideH2|2019.11.0X – 11-21-2019 - Fishbowl 2019.11}}
* Fixed "Product linking type 1,002 not found" error
'''eBay Only'''
* Fixed order import bug using the item linking on import
'''SPS Only'''
* Added option to send all inventory or only changed inventory since last sync
* Inventory feed now calculates and includes available to kit quantities
* Fixed bug where toolbar wouldn't load
* Removed file name field from Receive Data import. This task now looks for files in the FTP directory that start with the letters "SH"
::Once the receive data files are successfully imported they are deleted from the FTP site
'''WooCommerce Only'''

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