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Magento Cart

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{{HideH2|2019.1.01 – 1-31-2019 - Fishbowl 2019.1}}
'''**Please note, this update will require you to re-enter the [[Magento_Cart#Order_Status_Mapping order status mapping]] table data when first loading the plugin**'''
* Added ability to choose whether to sync on hand vs. available to sale inventory quantity
{{HideH2|2.3 - 4/4/2017 - Fishbowl 2017.2}}
* If using the carrier and payment mappings in version 2.3, please read through the setup instructions on this wiki page. Carrier(s) and payment(s) names from Magento much match exactly when entered.
* If checkbox is set to use order tax, the order import will fail unless the customer in FB has a tax rate assigned.
* Added checkbox option to use company name when creating new customer on SO Import

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