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# Enter the quantity, end location, and any required tracking information and then click '''OK''' to complete the move.
An inventory move can also be performed using the [[Imports_and_Exports#List_of_imports_and_exportsimportList_of_imports_and_exports|import]].
==Adjust tracking information==
* The {{Button|Cycle}} on the module toolbar.
* The {{Button|Cycle}} on the component toolbar to the right.
* The '''Cycle Count Data''' [[Imports_and_Exports#List_of_imports_and_exportsimportList_of_imports_and_exports|import]].
'''Using the Cycle button on the module toolbar'''
# Once all the desired information has been entered, click the '''Finish''' button.
Inventory can also be added through the [[Imports_and_Exports#List_of_imports_and_exportsimportList_of_imports_and_exports|import]].
'''See Also'''
# When the desired changes have been made, click '''OK'''.
Average costs can also be modified using the [[Imports_and_Exports#List_of_imports_and_exportsimportList_of_imports_and_exports|import]].
==View costing details==

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