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Purchase Order

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If applicable, the '''Location Group''' and '''Class''' for the order can be modified at the bottom of the order by the total field.
Purchase orders can also be created using the [[Imports_and_Exports#List_of_imports_and_exportsimportList_of_imports_and_exports|import]].
==2. Add items==
* The [[Advanced_Reports#Purchase_Order_Report|Purchase Order report]] can display the alternate currency which allows the order to be sent to the vendor in their default currency. The [[Advanced_Reports#Reconcile_Report|Reconcile report]] can also display alternate currencies.
* If [[Currency#MODULE_OPTIONS|currency conversion is enabled]] in Fishbowl and QuickBooks, orders will export to QuickBooks with the alternate currency set.
* The Purchase Order [[Imports_and_Exports#List_of_imports_and_exportsimportList_of_imports_and_exports|import]] also has currency conversion support.
* A purchase order can be [[Receiving#Reconcile an order|Reconciled]] using the alternate currency.

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