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Release Notes
# Click the '''Advanced''' tab, select '''REST API''', and then click '''Add key'''.<br>[[File:WooCommerce2.png]]
# Enter a '''Description''', '''User''', select '''Read/Write''', and then click '''Generate API Key'''.<br>[[File:WooCommerce4.png]]<br>[[File:{{PAGENAME}}_Store_Settings.png|right]]
# Copy the '''Store URL''', the '''Consumer Key''', and the '''Consumer Secret'''from the {{PAGENAME}} website.
# Click the {{Button|Settings}} on the module toolbar of the {{Module|{{PAGENAME}}|}} and paste the information from the previous steps.
# Click the {{Button|Connect|Test Connection}} and then configure the settings below.
'''The plugin currently supports [ WooCommerce REST API V2]

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