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Release Notes
# Open the settings for WooCommerce by clicking '''WooCommerce''' and then selecting '''Settings'''.<br>[[File:WooCommerce1.png]]
# Click the '''Advanced''' tab, select '''REST API''', and then click '''Add key'''.<br>[[File:WooCommerce2.png]]
# Enter a '''Description''', '''User''', select '''Read/Write''', and then click '''Generate API Key'''.<br>[[File:WooCommerce4.png]]<br>[[File:{{PAGENAME}}_Store_Settings.png|right]]# Copy the '''Store URL''', the '''Consumer Key''', and the '''Consumer Secret'''from the {{PAGENAME}} website.# Click the {{Button|Settings}} on the module toolbar of the {{Module|{{PAGENAME}}|}} and paste the information from the previous steps.<br>[[File:{{PAGENAME}}_Store_Settings.png|right]]
# Click the {{Button|Connect|Test Connection}} and then configure the settings below.
# Click the '''{{Button|Down|Pull Meta Data''' button }} to download meta data from your WooCommerce store. This will auto populate the lists of meta data in the sections below based on the 50 most recently created orders, customers, and products.
#* '''Enable Meta Data Mapping''' - List your WooCommerce meta data fields for your orders, order items, customers, and products. The meta data fields will be made mappable where applicable throughout the plugin settings.
#** '''Use Order Meta Data''' - Click this option to enable and expand the order meta data section.
'''The plugin currently supports [ WooCommerce REST API V2]

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