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Fishbowl Time

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Release Notes
=Release Notes=
 {{HideH2|Web Updates}} {{HideH2|September 2019}}*Updated all CSV exports*Updated Time Cards CSV to include shift notes*Added ability for Admins/Managers to edit clock-in for active timelogs*Added ability for Admins/Managers to add a clock-out time on active timelogs to clock-out employees*Fixed issue with switching projects that causes time overlap*Updated Project Details report with custom date range {{HideH2|August 2019}}*Updated sorting for all dropdown lists*Updated refresh time on terminals to 60 seconds  {{HideH2|Plugin Updates}} {{HideH2|2019.76.0X 9 – 8-23-2019 - Fishbowl 2019.7}}
* Improved error reporting
* Now sending custom work orders up to FB Time

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