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Fishbowl Time

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Release Notes
==QuickBooks setup==
# Open your QuickBooks file. Click the '''Edit ''' menu and select '''Preferences'''. Click the '''Time & Expenses ''' menu on the left and then click the '''Company Preferences ''' tab. Enable time tracking by selecting '''Yes ''' in the '''Time Tracking ''' section.<br>[[File:A1.png]]# Open the '''Employee Center'''. Open each employee and click the check box that says '''Use time data to create paychecks'''. (As a new employee is imported with time activities, you will also be asked about setting this option.)<br>[[File:A2.png]]# Export the timer lists file. Click by clicking the '''File ''' menu and then select '''Utilities ''' > '''Export ''' > '''Timer Lists'''. *Note: You will need to switch to single user mode in order to export or import files.<br>[[File:A3.png]]# In the Fishbowl Time web app, go to '''Integrations ''' and select '''QuickBooks Desktop'''.<br>[[File:A4.png]]# Click the '''Connect''' button.<br>[[File:A5.png]]# Choose the Time Timer List IIF file you exported from QuickBooks previously and click '''Confirm'''.<br>[[File:A6.png]]<br>[[File:A6B.png]]# To export data to QuickBooks, simply click the '''Export Data ''' button.<br>[[File:A7.png]]# In QuickBooks go to '''File ''' > '''Utilities ''' > '''Import ''' > '''Timer Activities > '''. Select your exported file > Click and then click '''Open'''.<br>[[File:A8.png]]<br>[[File:A8B.png]]# Click Ok'''OK''' for the displayed warning.<br>[[File:A9.png]]# As referenced in Step 2 of the setup, click Click '''Yes''' to use time data.<br>[[File:A10.png]]# On the first sync and for new employees you will receive this a message to set a Payroll payroll item for each employee’s employee's time activities. Subsequent imports will skip this step.<br>[[File:A11.png]]<br>[[File:A11B.png]]
# After the import is done, you will receive this message.<br>[[File:A12.png]]
# You can then view the report of imported activities.<br>[[File:A13.png]]
=Release Notes=
 {{HideH2|Web Updates}}  '''September 2019'''*Updated all CSV exports*Updated Time Cards CSV to include shift notes*Added ability for Admins/Managers to edit clock-in for active timelogs*Added ability for Admins/Managers to add a clock-out time on active timelogs to clock-out employees*Fixed issue with switching projects that causes time overlap*Updated Project Details report with custom date range '''August 2019'''*Updated sorting for all dropdown lists*Updated refresh time on terminals to 60 seconds  {{HideH2|Plugin Updates}}  '''2019.6.9 – 8-23-2019 - Fishbowl 2019.7'''* Improved error reporting* Now sending custom work orders up to FB Time* Associated BOM's are no longer required when pushing WO's up to FB Time. In this scenario the WO description is used for the project name* Added offset for last sync date '''1.0 - 5/23/2019}}'''
* Initial release

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