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Advanced ShipStation

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Release Notes
{{Module Introduction|Advanced ShipStation|Integrations}} is an add-on module that can be installed from the {{Module|Plugin}}. This is a more advanced version of the The older [[ShipStation|'''ShipStation''' pluginmodule]] that is being discontinuedreplaced by the {{Module|Advanced ShipStation}}, which adds new features such as the ability to import orders from ShipStation. After installing the plugin, a new module is added that integrates with [ ShipStation's eCommerce shipping software]. After an order has been [[Picking|picked]] in Fishbowl, the order information will be sent to ShipStation. After the order has been processed in ShipStation, carrier, service, tracking number, and carton costs will be sent back to Fishbowl.
==Store Settings==
{{Store Settings|{{PAGENAME}}ShipStation}}
:*'''Enable Ship Quote''' - This option enables the {{Button|SS Ship Quote|Ship Quote}} in the {{Module|Sales Order|Buttons}}.
::*'''Use Residential Shipping''' - With this option enabled, the residential address rates will be displayed in the ship quote.
::*'''Add Shipping Item''' - This option adds the selected shipping item to the order with the rate selected from the ship quote.
::*'''Use Location Group Address''' - A ship from location is required to retrieve shipping rates. This option will use the default main address from the order's location group.
==Order Import==
{{ImageSubtab|Location Group|ShipStation}}
:Select one warehouse to assign to all exported shipments, or use location group mapping to dynamically determine the warehouse based on the order location group.
:* '''Default Warehousewarehouse''' - Select one warehouse to assign to all exported shipments.
:* '''Use location group mapping''' - Use the table to dynamically determine the warehouse based on the order location group.
* '''Ignore shipping cost''' - With this option enabled, the shipping cost from ShipStation will not be set on the shipment carton.
* '''Do not update carrier/service''' - If this option is selected, the carrier and service of the Fishbowl shipment will not be updated.
* '''Use a default carrier/service''' - When selected, all orders imported from ShipStation will use the selected carrier and carrier service. If this option is unchecked, carriers can be mapped between Fishbowl and ShipStation.
* '''Use carrier mapping''' - When selected, the table can be used to map carriers between ShipStation and Fishbowl.
==Product Export==
{{ImageTab|Product Export|ShipStation}}{{Schedule|export products|Run task}}* '''Update linked products in ShipStation'''- Map the fields that should be imported from ShipStation to Fishbowl. If the weight or size UOM isn't set in ShipStation, the default UOMs listed here will be used. The selected product trees will be included, or all product trees will be included if the field is left blank. Selecting the '''Export All Products''' option will ignore the last sync date and attempt to push all of the Fishbowl products to ShipStation. The product tree filter will still apply.
=Release Notes=
{{HideH2|2019.7.0X – 8-23-2019 - Fishbowl 2019.7}}
* Improved error messaging
* Fixed bug with the combine all discounts option not saving the setting correctly in the UI
* Separated order notes and order item notes into separate corresponding fields when orders are imported into FB
* General UI fixes
* Fixed product export tab issue for Canadian users of the plugin
* Fixed duplicate shipment export issue
* Fixed mapping issue with shipping product not mapping to the paid flag in SS
* Fixed issue with split shipments not pushing up to SS
{{HideH2|2019.7.0X – 7-15-2019 - Fishbowl 2019.7}}
* Initial Release

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