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Fulfillment Import
* '''Ignore shipping cost''' - With this option enabled, the shipping cost from ShipStation will not be set on the shipment carton.
* '''Do not update carrier/service''' - If this option is selected, the carrier and service of the Fishbowl shipment will not be updated.
{{anchor|Carriers}}{{ImageSubtab|Carrier Mapping}}:* '''Use default carrier/service''' - When selected, all orders imported from ShipStation will use the selected carrier and carrier service. If this option is unchecked, carriers can be mapped between Fishbowl and ShipStation. Each mapping will also set the [[Sales_Order#Details_tab|Sales Order Priority]] so that Fishbowl users can identify orders with express shipping that need to be picked and shipped quickly.:* '''Use carrier mapping''' - When selected, the table can be used to map carriers between ShipStation and Fishbowl.
==Fulfillment Export==

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