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Ship Item Settings
===Ship Item Settings===
{{ImageSubtab|Order Ship Item Settings|ShipStation}}:* '''Item field mapping''' - Use the mapping table to map ShipStation order item fields to Fishbowl order shipment item fields. If the Fishbowl price is not mapped, then the price from the Fishbowl product will be used and any applicable pricing rules applied. If the Fishbowl description is not mapped, then the description from the Fishbowl product will be used.:* '''Shipping item''' - Select the shipping type product that will be added as a line item to orders when applicable. It will contain the shipping price to be paid by the customer.:* '''Ignore miscellaneous items''' - If this option is selected, ShipStation order items that are not related to an actual ShipStation product record will be ignored and no Fishbowl line item will be created.:* '''Enable order import product linking''' - ShipStation order items will be matched to Fishbowl products based on the defined field mapping. If the ShipStation product has been linked by ID to a Fishbowl product, that will take precedence.::* '''Product field''' - The Fishbowl product field that will match the selected ShipStation item field.::* '''ShipStation item field''' - The ShipStation order item field that will match the selected Fishbowl product fieldfields.
===Location Group Settings===

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