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Release Notes
=Release Notes=
{{HideH2|2019.6.0X – 6-20-2019 - Fishbowl 2019.6}}
'''**This update will require the user to configure additional settings and mapping tables in the plugin. Contact Fishbowl Plugin Support for assistance.'''***This update will cause the scheduled tasks to give an error when first loading Fishbowl after updating. Users will need to go into the plugin interface and configure the additional mappings and save settings in order for the scheduled tasks to run properly*Fixed bug in on order import task when creating a new mapping in Location Group setting's mapping table, shows where the added Salesforce Location would show up blank in the channel Location drop-down table
*Added enhancement for inventory sync to have a max qty option
*Added enhancement for inventory update to include "Available to Pick" for inventory type as one of the options

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