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Release Notes
*Added an enhancement in order import when "Always Create Payment" option is selected, if there is no payment from the channel then it will default to payment matching the order total that is created and mapped using the "None" name. If an order has payments present then they are used
*Added a button to pull channel data in the store settings tab
*Fixed bug in POS import when creating a new mapping in Location Group setting's mapping table, shows up blank in the Shopify Location drop-down --master starts from here
*Added enhancement for inventory sync to have a max qty option
*Added enhancement for inventory update to include "Available to Pick" for inventory type as one of the options
*Added enhancement where order import carrier mapping now has a priority option for "All" that doesn't exist in Fishbowl and causes an error when used for an order
*Added enhancement on order settings and on order items field mapping table including custom fields
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