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# Opening the {{Module|ShipStation}} will begin the setup process, or click the {{Button|Mapping|Settings}} to modify settings.# Click the link on the '''Integration''' tab and log into ShipStation. This will open Open the [ ShipStation API Settings page].<br>[[File:ShipStation API Info.png]]# Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the '''API Key''' and '''API Secret'''. Place # Paste the windows side by side and use '''Ctrl''' + API Key'''c''' to copy the values and '''Ctrl''' + '''vAPI Secret''' to paste them into Fishbowl.<br>[[File:ShipStation API Credentials.png]]# On the ShipStation website, click the {{ButtonModuleTab|ShipStation|Store Settings}}. On # Complete the left side, click '''Selling Channels''', select [[#Store_Settings|'''Store Setup''', and then click '''Edit'Settings'' next to the store name. Click the '''Products''' tab and verify that the settings match those shown below. Then click '''Save Changes'''.{{anchor|Schedule}}<br>[[File:ShipStation API Settings.pnginstructions]].

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