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Fishbowl Time

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==Time Clock==
[[File:Fishbowl Time Clock.png|right]]
The '''Time Clock''' module is used by an individual employee to clock-in/clock-out, go on breaks, switch positions/projects, and edit or manually add time entries. When clocking in, a user can select a [[#Postions|position]] and [[#Project SettingsProjects and Positions|project]] if these features are enabled in the [[#Company Settings|company settings]].
* '''Start Break''' - After starting a break, you can click '''Resume Shift''' to resume work.
* '''Start Lunch''' - After starting a lunch break, you can click '''Resume Shift''' to resume work.
* All projects will display the last activity, budgeted hours, actual hours, and status.
* Click on the '''Project Number''' hyperlink to get a detailed view of all time entries that have been logged to this project.
* If your company uses a term other than "Projects", use the [[#Project SettingsProjects and Positions|Project Settings]] to modify the name.
* To create a project, click on the {{Button|FT Add|Add}} at the top and enter the '''Number''', '''Name''', '''Budgeted hours''', etc.
* To edit a project, click on a line and modify the status or any other fields as needed.
* Projects are required when integrating with QuickBooks and Fishbowl.
* The term "Projects" can be modified to match the terminology of your company.
* Positions are required when integrating with Fishbowl.
* After creating the positions, click the [[#Employees|Employees]] tab to enable the applicable positions for each employee.

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