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Fishbowl Time

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Release Notes
[[File:Icon.Fishbowl Time.png]] '''Fishbowl Time''' is a web app with functionality for time clocks, overtime, projects, PTO, geo-location, and more. Any device can be used as a terminal for employees to quickly clock inand out. iOS devices can also be used to scan employee QR barcodes. When [[#Fishbowl integration|integrated with Fishbowl]], work orders are imported and the actual labor time is exported back to Fishbowl. '''Fishbowl Time''' can also be used as a standalone product.[[File:Fishbowl Time.png|right]]
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==Getting Started==
* # To get started, create a free account at [].* # '''Fishbowl Time''' has several modules that can be accessed in from the menu. On larger devices, the menu is displayed on the left. Smaller devices can access the menu by clicking the {{Button|Menu}} near the top-right corner.* # With the menu open, click the [[#File:Company SettingsButton.png|bottom|'''alt=Company Settings''' module]]. Carefully module and carefully review each tab to customize '''Fishbowl Time''' for your business.* # '''Fishbowl Time''' features a simple and intuitive interface. Below is a brief overview of each module, but however the easiest way to learn is to [ create explore using a free account at].
==User Profile==
[[File:Fishbowl Time User Profile.png|right]]
* Any user can access the '''User Profile''' module by clicking their name or photo at the top of the menu. This allows employees to enter their user information and , upload a photo, change their password and/or PIN, etc.
==Time Clock==
[[File:Fishbowl Time Clock.png|right]]
The '''Time Clock''' module is used by an individual employee to clock-in/clock-out, go on breaks, switch positions/projects, and edit or manually add time entries. When clocking in, a user can select a [[#Postions|position]] and [[#Project SettingsProjects and Positions|project]] if these features are enabled in the [[#Company Settings|company settings]].
* '''Start Break''' - After starting a break, you can click '''Resume Shift''' to resume work.
* '''Start Lunch''' - After starting a lunch break, you can click '''Resume Shift''' to resume work.
* Admins and managers can use the '''Employee PTO Requests''' section to view employees time off requests.
** Use the icon buttons to approve, deny, or delete pending requests.
** Balances for each employee are set in the [[#Company SettingsEmployees|Company Settings]].
* All projects will display the last activity, budgeted hours, actual hours, and status.
* Click on the '''Project Number''' hyperlink to get a detailed view of all time entries that have been logged to this project.
* If your company uses a term other than "Projects", use the [[#Project SettingsProjects and Positions|Project Settings]] to modify the name.
* To create a project, click on the {{Button|FT Add|Add}} at the top and enter the '''Number''', '''Name''', '''Budgeted hours''', etc.
* To edit a project, click on a line and modify the status or any other fields as needed.
* Run Payroll<br>[[File:Fishbowl Time Run Payroll.png]]
* Employee Time Cards<br>[[File:Fishbowl Time Cards Report.png]]
* Project Details <br>[[File:Fishbowl Time Project Details Report.png]]* Full-time Analysis * Employee QR Code<br>[[File:Fishbowl Time Employee QR Code.png]]
==Company Settings==
The '''Company Settings''' module can only be viewed by employees with admin rights. This module features the The following tabs that are used to configure '''Fishbowl Time'''.
===Company Details===
[[File:FT Company Details.png]]
* This section allows you to enter company details such as logo, name, website, etc.
[[File:FT Employees.png]]* This section displays all employees. Click the {{Button|FT Add|Add}} to add a new employee as well as their hourly rates, overtime rules, sick time, vacation time, permissions, etc.* Click any line to edit that employee.* Employees can also be imported and exported by using the buttons near the top-right corner.
[[File:FT Departments.png]]
* Employees can be organized into departments, and each department can have a manager.
===Project Pay Settings===[[File:FT Pay Settings.png]]* Projects are required when integrating with QuickBooks and Fishbowl. You will see the following options after clocking inThis section displays your company settings for pay periods, breaks, PIN length, geo-location, time format, rounding, overtime rules, etc.
===Projects and Positions===[[File:FT Projects and Positions.png]]* Positions Projects are required when integrating with QuickBooks and Fishbowl.* The term "Projects" can be modified to match the terminology of your company.* At least one position is required when integrating with Fishbowl* Labor items are imported from Fishbowl by using the [[#Fishbowl_integration|FishbowlTime Plugin]].
* After creating the positions, click the [[#Employees|Employees]] tab to enable the applicable positions for each employee.
===Pay Settings===
* This section displays your company settings for pay periods, breaks, PIN length, geo-location, time format, rounding, overtime rules, etc.
[[File:FT Terminals.png]]* This section allows the creation of various webpages that allows allow employees to clock in and out. Any device can then be used as a dedicated terminal by locking it to that URL.
* '''IP Address Restrictions''' - Setting an IP address restrictions makes it so that the terminal can only be accessed when an employee is connected through the approved IP address. This can be used to restrict employees to only access the time clock while they are connected to internet at their place of work.
* '''Device Restrictions''' - Setting device restrictions makes it so that the terminal can only be accessed on devices that have been specifically approved by the account administrator. This can be used to ensure that only specific computers or devices are allowed to access the time clock terminal.
===Billing Information===[[File:FT Billing.png]]
* This section allows you to update your subscription, enter payment method, see payment history, etc.
==IntegrationsQuickBooks setup==* # Open your QuickBooks file. Click the '''Edit''' menu and select '''Preferences'''. Click the '''Time & Expenses''' menu on the left and then click the '''Company Preferences''' tab. Enable time tracking by selecting '''Yes''' in the '''Time Tracking''' section.<br>[[File:A1.png]]# Open the '''Employee Center'''. Open each employee and click the check box that says '''Use time data to create paychecks'''. (As a new employee is imported with time activities, you will also be asked about setting this option.)<br>[[File:A2.png]]# Export the timer lists file by clicking the '''File''' menu and then select '''Utilities''' > '''Export''' > '''Timer Lists'''. *Note: You will need to switch to single user mode in order to export or import files.<br>[[File:A3.png]]# In the Fishbowl Timeweb app, go to '''Integrations''' can be integrated with and select '''QuickBooksDesktop'''.<br>[[File:A4.png]]# Click the '''Connect''' button.<br>[[File:A5.png]]# Choose the Timer List IIF file you exported from QuickBooks previously and click '''Confirm'''.<br>[[File:A6.png]]<br>[[File:A6B.png]]# To export data to QuickBooks, simply click the '''Export Data' online '' button.<br>[[File:A7.png]]# In QuickBooks go to eliminate double-entry'''File''' > '''Utilities''' > '''Import''' > '''Timer Activities'''. Select your exported file and then click '''Open'''.<br>[[File:A8.png]]<br>[[File:A8B.png]]# Click '''OK''' for the displayed warning.<br>[[File:A9.png]]# Click '''Yes''' to use time data.<br>[[File:A10.png]]# On the first sync and for new employees you will receive a message to set a payroll item for each employee's time activities. Subsequent imports will skip this step.<br>[[File:A11.png]]<br>[[File:A11B.png]]# After the import is done, you will receive this message.<br>[[File:A12.png]]# You can then view the report of imported activities.<br>[[File:A13.png]]
==Fishbowl integration==
# Review the settings on the '''Item Export''', '''Work Order Export''', and '''Labor Import''' tabs and then click the {{Button|Save}} at the top.
==iOSand Android apps==[[File:Fishbowl Time iOS.jpg|right|375px]]* The iOS app can be downloaded from [ here] and the Android app can be downloaded from [ here].* One of the easiest ways for employees to clock in/out is using QR barcodes and scanning them at an iOS terminalwith the mobile app. Clocking in/out is easy and just requires the employee to hold their unique barcode in front of the camera on the iOS terminalmobile device.* Employee barcodes can be printed from the [[#Reports|'''Reports''' module]].
* To lockdown an iOS device so that only the '''Fishbowl Time''' app can be used, enable [ Guided Access].
* '''Fishbowl Time''' is also accessible in the browser of any mobile device or by entering the URL for one of the [[#Terminals|terminals]].
=Release Notes=
{{HideH2|Web Updates}}
'''September 2019'''
*Updated all CSV exports
*Updated Time Cards CSV to include shift notes
*Added ability for Admins/Managers to edit clock-in for active timelogs
*Added ability for Admins/Managers to add a clock-out time on active timelogs to clock-out employees
*Fixed issue with switching projects that causes time overlap
*Updated Project Details report with custom date range
'''August 2019'''
*Updated sorting for all dropdown lists
*Updated refresh time on terminals to 60 seconds
{{HideH2|Plugin Updates}}
'''2019.6.9 – 8-23-2019 - Fishbowl 2019.7'''
* Improved error reporting
* Now sending custom work orders up to FB Time
* Associated BOM's are no longer required when pushing WO's up to FB Time. In this scenario the WO description is used for the project name
* Added offset for last sync date
==Android==* An Android app will be released soon.* Nearly all of the features of '''Fishbowl Time1.0 - 5/23/2019''' are accessible by opening a browser on the Android device and entering the URL for one of the [[#Terminals|terminals]].* Initial release

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