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Release Notes
# Click '''Apps''' and then click '''Manage Private Apps''' at the bottom.
# Click '''Create a new private app''' and then enter an app title.
# In the Permissions section, select '''Read and write''' for all of the permissions except '''Disputes''', '''Applications''', and '''Analytics''' and then click '''Save app'''and copy the API key and password.# Copy On the API key and paste it into [[#Store Settings|'''Store Settings''' tab]] of the {{Module|Shopify|Store Settings}}, paste the API key, password, and the store URL (for example '''<nowiki></nowiki>''').
==Store Settings==
{{Store Settings|{{PAGENAME}}}}
::'''Location Settings''' - After testing the connection, if multi location is turned on in Shopify, a new table will appear that allows {{PAGENAME}} locations to be mapped to Fishbowl locations.<br>[[File:Shopify location mapping.png]]
==Order Import==
===Location Group===
{{Location Group|{{PAGENAME}}}}
===Order Status Mapping===
::Follow the instructions below to map carriers between Shopify and Fishbowl.
::# Log into Shopify.
::# Click the '''Settings''' menu on the left and then select '''Shipping'''to see which carriers are enabled on your account.::# Copy the carrier and service information. Click [ here] to see which carriers Shopify supports.::# Open the '''Carrier Mapping''' section on the '''Order Import''' tab and then click the {{Icon Button|New}}.<br>[[File:Shopify carrier mapping done.png]]::# Enter the Shopify carrier and service information into Fishbowl. Sometimes it is easiest to find the exact carrier name in the error log for the order import task.<br>[[File:Shopify carrier mapping.png]]
::# Select the corresponding '''Fishbowl Carrier/Service'''
::# Select the [[Sales_Order#Details_tab|Sales Order Priority]] that corresponds with this carrier/service. This helps Fishbowl users to identify orders with express shipping that need to be picked and shipped quickly.
=Release Notes=
{{HideH2|2019.6.0X – 6-18-2019 - Fishbowl 2019.6}}
'''**This update will require the user to configure additional settings and mapping tables in the plugin. Contact Fishbowl Plugin Support for assistance'''**
* This update will cause the scheduled tasks to give an error when first loading Fishbowl after updating. Users will need to go into the plugin interface and configure the additional mappings and save settings in order for the scheduled tasks to run properly
* Added ability to link products on order import. Products that were not previously linked using the product import/export tasks can now be linked during the order import task
* Fixed client null pointer error when moving the mouse over the inventory table
* Added an enhancement in order import when "Always Create Payment" option is selected, if there is no payment from the channel then it will default to payment matching the order total that is created and mapped using the "None" name. If an order has payments present then they are used
* Added a button to pull channel data in the store settings tab
* Fixed bug in POS import when creating a new mapping in Location Group setting's mapping table, shows up blank in the Shopify Location drop-down
* Added enhancement for inventory sync to have a max qty option
* Added enhancement for inventory update to include "Available to Pick" for inventory type as one of the options
* Added enhancement where order import carrier mapping now has a priority option for "All" that doesn't exist in Fishbowl and causes an error when used for an order
* Added enhancement on order settings and on order items field mapping table including custom fields
{{HideH2|2019.5.0X – 5-10-2019 - Fishbowl 2019.5}}
* Fixed Typo in the payment panel
* Fixed (for supporting channels)where the image export was not working on the product export task
* Misc items are now supported on order import
* Fixed bug with state tax mapping table giving a bad error when a state was not mapped on an order
* Fixed advanced options error message when enabled and a day of the month wasn't specified
* Fixed advanced options error for order fulfillment task'
* Fixed data mapping error with many to one field mappings on product export
* Fixed bug on order import with Location Group not assigned
* Fixed order import null error
* Fixed error saving carrier mappings
{{HideH2|2019.4.0X – 4-18-2019 - Fishbowl 2019.4}}
* Fixed bug where orders would import without items

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