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Magento Cart

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:{{Notes|{{PAGENAME}}}}::*{{Combine line item discounts|{{PAGENAME}}}}::* '''Remove '#' prefix from Magento Cart order numbers''' - When selected, Magento Cart order numbers will not have a '#' prefix when imported into Fishbowl.
===Carrier Mapping===
{{Carrier Mapping|{{PAGENAME}}}}
::Click [ here] to see which carriers Magento supports.
::Follow the instructions below to map carriers between Magento and Fishbowl.
===Payment Mapping===
{{Payment Mapping|{{PAGENAME}}}}
::Follow the instructions below to map payment methods between Magento and Fishbowl.
::# Log into the Magento Admin panel using Google Chrome.
::When using the Magento plugin with Fishbowl Australia or Fishbowl Canada, some additional tax options are available in the [[#Taxes|'''Taxes''' section of the '''Order Import''' tab]].
::# Click the {{Icon Button|Add}}, enter the '''id''' copied from Magento, and select the Fishbowl tax rate.<br>[[File:Product Tax Class Mapping 2.png]]
::# Click the '''Save''' to close the dialog, and then click the {{Button|Save}} on the module toolbar.{{Vertical Spacer}}[[File:Product Tax Class Mapping 3.png]]
{{Order Fulfillment|{{PAGENAME}}}}
:*{{Check status before fulfilling|{{PAGENAME}}}}:* If a carrier on an order is not an approved carrier by Magento it will be set to Custom Value.:* For a list of accepted carriers please see [[#Carriers|Carriers]].
{{Inventory Update|{{PAGENAME}}}}
:*{{SKU Mapping|{{PAGENAME}}}}

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