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Multiple Volusion carts can be configured by clicking the {{Button|New}}, which will add another '''Volusion''' tab.
{{MasterCartTabsClear}}= TABS ={{TABS|Name{{PAGENAME}}}} {{Clear}}== Order Import =={{Order Import|{{PAGENAME}}}} {{Clear}}=== Order ==={{Order|{{PAGENAME}}}}{{Notes|{{PAGENAME}}}}::*{{Combine line item discounts|{{PAGENAME}}}} {{Clear}}=== Order Status Mapping ==={{Order Status Mapping|{{PAGENAME}}}} {{Clear}}=== Customer ==={{Customer|{{PAGENAME}}}} {{Clear}}=== Carrier Mapping ==={{Carrier Mapping|{{PAGENAME}}}} {{Clear}}=== Payment Mapping ==={{Payment Mapping|{{PAGENAME}}}} {{Clear}}=== Taxes ==={{Taxes|{{PAGENAME}}}} {{Clear}}== Order Fulfillment=={{Order Fulfillment|{{PAGENAME}}}}{{Notes|{{PAGENAME}}}}
:*{{Check status before fulfilling|{{PAGENAME}}}}
{{Clear}}== Product Import =={{Product Import|Order{{PAGENAME}}}} {{Clear}}== Product Export ==::*{{Combine line item discountsProduct Export|{{PAGENAME}}}} {{Clear}}== Inventory Update =={{Inventory Update|{{PAGENAME}}}}
{{Clear}}= Troubleshooting={{Cart Troubleshooting|{{PAGENAME}}}}
* If a Volusion export fails, it may be necessary to reset the export to be able to successfully import orders/products. To reset an export, click the '''Volusion API''' tab mentioned in step 3 of the [[#Setup|setup]]. Click '''Run''' next to the generic export that needs to be reset. Select the date of the export that failed, and then click '''Reset export'''.
= Release Notes=
{{HideH2|2018.8 – 8/23/2018 - Fishbowl 2018.8}}
'''Do not skip this version unless installing the plugin for the first time. If you’re planning to update to a later version of Fishbowl, install 18.8 first, update your plugins, and open them so the data migrator (described below) can run. Then update Fishbowl to the desired version.'''

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