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# Enter a '''First Name''', '''Last Name''', '''Username''', and '''Initials'''. The initials correspond to the salesperson initials in QuickBooks. An email address and phone number can also be stored in Fishbowl.<br>[[File:User Details.png]]
# Click the '''Set Password''' button. The user can later change their password.
# Click the '''Location Groups''' tab and assign a default Location Group. When this user creates an order, their default location group will be used to set the location group of the order. This step also sets up the locations that the user will be able to access for picking and put-a-way.
# Add any other location groups that this user should have access to by double-clicking the '''Location Group''' in the '''Available''' list.
# A memo can be added to the user by clicking on the '''Memo''' tab.

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