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Fishbowl Canada

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[[File:Fishbowl Canada.png|right]]
== Install Fishbowl Canada====
Follow the steps below to Install Fishbowl Canada.
# After the download is complete, follow the instructions to [[Getting_Started#1._Install_Fishbowl|Install Fishbowl]].
== Tax codes====
One of the primary differences in Fishbowl Canada is the handling of tax codes. Listed below are the ways that tax codes are handled in Fishbowl Canada.
* If the [[Customer]] or [[Vendor]] does not have a default tax code, the '''Tax Code''' field for the line item will default to the tax code set on the {{ModuleTab|Product|Details}} and the {{ModuleTab|Part|Details}}.
== Home currency====
The home currency in Fishbowl Canada will be set to '''CAD'''. This can be seen in the {{Module|Currency}}.
[[File:CAD SO Currency.png]]
== Supported QuickBooks versions====
The versions of QuickBooks Canada that are officially supported by Fishbowl are listed in [[Supported QuickBooks Versions]].

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