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{{Module Introduction|Calendar|General}} provides a simple way to create and edit calendar events. Because calendar events are shared with all Fishbowl users, the Calendar module can be used to keep all users up-to-date on important events.
== Layout====
The {{Module|Calendar}} has three basic areas: The module toolbar at the top, the navigation pane to the left, and the viewing area in the middle.
[[File:Month View.png]]
== Views====
The viewing area has several different calendar views. The view is changed by clicking one of the view buttons located in the button toolbar.
* '''Month''' - Shows events for the entire month.
== Navigation====
The dates displayed in the viewing area can be controlled in several ways.
* '''Navigation arrows'''<br>[[File:Navigation arrows.png]]<br>The navigation arrows are located at the top-left corner of the viewing area. Clicking the arrows will go to the next day, week, or month, depending on which calendar view is currently selected.
== Create an event====
A new calendar event can be created in the following ways:
{{r|'''Red text'''}} in the dialog window indicates a required field that still needs to be entered.
== Edit an event====
An event can be edited in the following ways:
* '''Delete''' - An event is deleted by right-clicking the event, and choosing '''Delete''' from the drop-down menu.
== Categories====
[[File:Calendar Category.png|right]] Calendar events can be organized into categories and orders can be assigned to custom categories. To modify the categories, click the '''Categories''' tab at the top of the navigation pane.
== Work orders====
[[File:Calendar events.png|right]]
* To modify the category of the work order, right-click the work order event on the calendar and select '''Edit'''.
== Sales orders====
[[File:Calendar events.png|right]]
* Double-clicking a sales order calendar event will load the sales order in the {{Module|Sales Order}}.
== Purchase orders====
[[File:Calendar events.png|right]]
* Double-clicking a purchase order calendar event will load the purchase order in the {{Module|Purchase Order}}.
== Other functions====
* The calendar can be refreshed by clicking the '''Refresh''' button in the button toolbar. This will update the calendar with any events that have been created or edited by other Fishbowl users.
* Click the '''Search''' tab [[File:Calendar search tab.png]] at the top of the navigation pane to search for calendar events.
* A list of user-created calendar events can be printed by clicking the '''Print''' button.

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