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Release Notes
= Release Notes =
{{HideH2|2018.8 – 8/23/2018 - Fishbowl 2018.8}}
'''Do not skip this version unless installing the plugin for the first time. If you’re planning to update to a later version of Fishbowl, install 18.8 first, update your plugins, and open them so the data migrator (described below) can run. Then update Fishbowl to the desired version.'''
* Channel data, such as product IDs, variant IDs, etc. will no longer be stored in custom fields. New database tables will be created for this purpose. Data from your custom fields will be automatically migrated to the database the first time you open the plugin after updating. Data will still remain in the custom fields for reference. The custom fields can be deactivated.
* New version number system to match Fishbowl.
* Schedule task now gives a count of the items that were imported/exported. Error message will list items that failed.
* Will now use the account specified on the payment type (instead of the default) during order import.
* Fixed a bug regarding taxes in the Fishbowl Canada version.
* Ability to select which date field the Last Sync Date references.
* Shipping tax now accounted for in Fishbowl Australia version.
{{HideH2|3.5 - 7/12/2018 - Fishbowl 2018.7}}
* Bug Fixes

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