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BI Editor

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{{Module Introduction|BI ScriptEditor|GeneralReporting}} allows the creation of Business Intelligence (BI) scripts, which are used to display robust HTML reports. These reports Pages can be saved, viewed and printed, and displayed in the {{Module|DashboardBI Report}}. Fishbowl includes several scripts BI reports for free. To purchase a custom scriptBI report, contact {{email|reports}}.
== View {{top}} ==
* Open a {{Module Button|Page|3=text-top}} and click the {{Icon Button|Run|Preview}} on the component toolbar to the right.<br>[[File:Component toolbar scripts.png]]
* Pages that have the {{Checkbox|Published|1}} selected will appear in the {{Module|BI Report}}.* The buttons at the top of the preview window can be used to {{Module Button|Refresh}}, {{Module Button|Modify Report|Modify}}, {{Module Button|Save}}, or {{Module Button|Print}} the current view. The preview can also be refreshed by pressing '''F5''' on the keyboard.{{Vertical Spacer}}<br>[[File:BI Script.png]]* Click the {{Button|Modify Report|Modify Parameters}} to change the parameter data displayed in the current view.{{Vertical Spacer}}<br>[[File:Script parameters.png]]* BI scripts can also be viewed by adding them to the {{Module|Dashboard|Add gadgets}}.
== Edit {{top}} ==
* Scripts can be edited by modifying the text in the code area and then clicking the {{Button|Save}}.<br>[[File:Edit script.png]]
* To revert to a previous version of a file, click the {{Icon Button|Compare versions}}, then copy and paste the text from a prior version.
== Module buttons {{top}} ==
The following buttons are located at the top of the module.
* {{Module Button|Delete}} will delete the file that is currently open.
* {{Module Button|Duplicate}} will create a duplicate of the file that is currently open.
* {{Module Button|Email}} opens a window to compose an email. If the module's [[Reports#Module Options Select Reports tab|default report]] is specified, the PDF report will be attached. Email can be configured on the {{ModuleTab|SetupSettings|Email tab}}.
* {{Module Button|Print}} sends the [[Reports#Default_report|default module report]] to the printer.
* {{Module Button|How To}} opens this article in a web browser.
* {{Module Button|Refresh}} reloads whatever is currently open in the module.
== Component buttons {{top}} ==
The following buttons are located on the component toolbar to the right.
* The {{Icon Button|Save script to file}} saves the file that is currently open as a JSON file.<br>[[File:Save JSON.png]]
== Tips {{top}} ==
* Items on a pie chart can be hidden by clicking the label in the legend.<br>[[File:Pie hide.png]]

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