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Update Fishbowl

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# Fishbowl 2017.4 or higher will display a notification in the client when an update is available. Click '''Start Server Download''' to download the update.<br>[[File:Update notification.png|link=]]
# Alternatively, right-click the Fishbowl Server tray icon, select '''Check For Updates''', and then click '''Update Fishbowl'''.<br>[[File:Check version2.png|link=]]
# Click '''Yes''' to apply the update the next time the server restarts.<br>[[File:Update on restart.png|link=]]# To manually restart Restart the server, by right-click clicking the Fishbowl Server tray icon and select selecting '''Exit'''.<br>[[File:Server restart.png|link=]]
# Then start the Fishbowl server from the desktop or the list of programs.<br>[[File:Server shortcut.png|link=]]
# When the server restarts, wait for click '''Yes''' to apply the update to be appliedupdates.<br>[[File:Applying_update.png|link=]]
# Click '''OK''' to start the database update.<br>[[File:Database update.png|link=]]
# All client computers will update automatically when connecting to the updated Fishbowl Server.
# If the auto update fails, follow the instructions [[Getting_Started#1._Install_Fishbowl|here]] to manually download and install Fishbowl into the same directory where Fishbowl is currently installed.<br>[[File:Installation directory2.png]]

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