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= Release Notes =
==Version {{HideH2|3.2==* Release on April - 4/12, /2018* Compatible with - Fishbowl version 2018.4 and higher'''Features and Fixes'''}}
* Addition of a new order status mapping table. You can now import multiple statuses at the same time.
==Version {{HideH2|3.1==* Released on Mar - 3/8, /2018* Compatible with - Fishbowl version 2018.3'''Features and Fixes'''}}
* Changed background color on headers in the Order Import tab when using the dark theme for better visibility.
* Payment import now pulls in currency rate if “Use Currency Conversion” is turned on in Fishbowl.
==Version {{HideH2|3.0==* Released on Jan - 1/31, /2018* Compatible with - Fishbowl version 2018.1'''Features and Fixes'''}}
* Reworked to have the same functionality as the other “mastered plugins”.
* Added the ability to check if orders have been completed or cancelled before attempting to fulfill.
* Payment is not imported to Fishbowl for $0 orders.
* Payment terms are now pulled from the UI drop down instead of customer.
==Version {{HideH2|2.9==* Released on Aug - 8/4, /2017* Compatible with - Fishbowl version 2017.6 and higher'''Features and Fixes'''}}
* Fixed issue with syncing inventory quantities that aren't whole numbers
==Version {{HideH2|2.8==* Released on July - 7/13, /2017* Compatible with - Fishbowl version 2017.6 and higher'''Features and Fixes'''}}
* Compatibility fixes for 2017.6 version of Fishbowl
==Version {{HideH2|2.7==* Released on May - 5/18, /2017* Compatible with - Fishbowl version 2017.4 and higher'''Features and Fixes'''}}
* Fixed a bug when a product exists in both FB and Volusion when syncing the product id custom field in FB did not update correctly.
==Version {{HideH2|2.6==* Released on April - 4/13, /2017* Compatible with - Fishbowl version 2017.3 and higher'''Features and Fixes'''* Compatibility fixes for 2017.3 version of Fishbowl}}
* Fixed tax functionality for Australia and Canada versions of Fishbowl
'''Released on 3/15/2017 - For Fishbowl version 2017.2 and higher
* Compatibility fixes for 2017.2 version of Fishbowl
==Version {{HideH2|2.5==* Released on March 09, - 3/9/2017* Compatible with - Fishbowl Version 2017.2 and higher}}
'''Features and Fixes'''
* Issue: Product sync only allowed 100 items to sync at a time.
::* Resolution: Discount items now import correctly on FB SO
==Version {{HideH2|2.4==* Released on February 09, - 2/9/2017* Compatible with - Fishbowl version 2017.1 and higher'''Features and Fixes'''}}
* Issue: Order export does not add store group number to query causing orders to fail when pushed to Fishbowl.
::* Resolution: Store group number is now included and order sync is working properly.

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