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Magento Cart

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:{{HideH2|Customer}} [[File:Magento Schedule Import Order Customer.png|right]]
:* '''Use default customer''' - When selected, sales All orders will be created using this customer for every order.:** If this option is not put under the selected, unique Fishbowl customer information for each order will be imported from Magento.:** Alternatively, create a generic/web and use the customer in Fishbowl that will be used for all imported 's default address as the billing and shipping address on orders.:** Address information will be imported for each order regardless of this option.:* '''SalespersonUse Customer on order''' - Sales All orders will be created using this salesperson.:* '''Payment Terms''' - When selecteduse the customer name, sales orders will be created using this payment term.:* '''Shipping Terms''' - When selectedbilling address, sales orders will be created using these and shipping terms.:* '''Class''' - When selected, sales orders will be created using this class as address attached to the sales shopping cart order class.:* '''Customer Status''' - When selected, imported customers will be created with the selected status.:* '''Use company name for new customers''' - When selected, the '''Company company name''' from the bill to address of the Magento shopping cart order will be created as the customer name in Fishbowl.
:{{HideH2|Carrier Mapping}} [[File:Magento Schedule Import Order Carrier Mapping.png|right]]

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