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Fishbowl Canada

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* QuickBooks tax codes can be imported into Fishbowl Canada in the {{Module|Accounting}}.
* Tax codes can also be modified and created in the {{Module|Tax Rate}}.<br>[[File:Canadian Tax Rate.png]]
* Tax codes are supported in the {{Module|Sales Order}}, the {{Module|Purchase Order}}, and in [[SalesPointCheckout]]. Tax codes can be set per order, or per line item.
* To set the tax code of all line items, click the '''Tax Code''' field at the bottom of the order and select the appropriate tax code from the drop down.<br>[[File:Canada Order Tax Code.png]]
* The '''Tax Code''' field for the order will default to the tax code set on the {{ModuleTab|Customer|Details}} or the {{ModuleTab|Vendor|Details}}.

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