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Release Notes
= Release Notes =
==Version 4.7==
* Released on Oct 30, 2017
* Compatible with Fishbowl version 2017.10
'''Features and Fixes'''
* Improved the process for customer creation in Fishbowl. Fishbowl now looks at the Last Name, Zip Code, and Email Address from the Billing Address on orders when creating customers. If all fields match, order is applied to that customer in Fishbowl. If they don't match, a new customer is created.
*Fixed a bug with the way flat rate discounts were being added to orders
==Version 4.6==
* Released on Oct 9, 2017
* Fixed a bug with order import not calculating line item percentage-based discounts correctly.
* Product Import and Product Export required field mappings are not editable.
==Version 4.5==
* Released on Sep 12, 2017

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