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Module Options:Payment Viewer

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* '''Store credit card number'''
:Fishbowl does not support the use of storing credit card data. By enabling this option, you accept the associated liability.<br>If this option is checked, Fishbowl will revert to the old payment wizard used prior to the 2017.8 version of Fishbowl.<br>[[File:CC liability.png|link=]]<br>In an upcoming release, Fishbowl will being begin using a "wallet" to store tokens instead of credit card numbers. Tokens allow that allows the credit card to be [[Sales_Order#Module_Options_General_tab|reused]] without having to store the actual credit card number. When this functionality is enabled in an upcoming releaseFor more information, all credit card numbers stored in Fishbowl will need to be re-entered in order to generate the new tokenssee [[Credit cards]].
* '''Hide credit card number'''
:When this option is on, all but the last four digits of a credit card number will be hidden for all users.

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