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Magento Cart

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Version 3.0
* User interface enhancements and fixes including new layout for the order import panel, fixed combo boxes and allowing typing enter to work in dialog boxes
* Removed the settings button from the toolbar, moving payment and carrier mapping to the order import panel
* Improved error messages when order sync fails
* Fixed bug when option to create payments in Fishbowl was unchecked allowing payments still go over to FB when Magento order status is invoiced or complete
* Fixed bug when option to create payments in Fishbowl was unchecked and an order would fail if no payment method was mapped
* Fixed to allow incoming orders to use the already specified SO item type for products
* Fixed bug where carriage returns in the address blocks brought in the letter "n" to the Fishbowl SO
* Fixed bug when default customer was selected in the plugin interface and new customers were still created
* Fixed bug to not allow user to map payment method and carrier to more than one mapping
* Added functionality to send partial shipment data to Magento
* Fixed bug where items broken out in FB in multiple cartons didn't update correctly in Magento
* Fixed bug where order tax rounding resulted in different order amounts in Fishbowl than Magento
* Add option to use province tax mapping in CA version
* Added option to map product tax codes between FB and Magento
* Fixed bug where shipping line items did not use the product tax code
==Version 2.5==

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