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Magento Cart

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|Customer ||{{Arrow|Right}}|| Creates a new customer or uses the generic customer specified on the [[#Magento Import Order|Magento Import Order tab]].
|Taxes ||{{Arrow|Right}}|| The tax options can be set under the [[#Order_ImportTaxes|'''Use Order TaxTaxes''' on section of the '''Order Import''' tab]].
|Order gift message||{{Arrow|Right}}|| Order '''Note''' on the {{ModuleTab|Sales Order|Details}}.
:{{HideH2|Payment Mapping}} [[File:Magento Schedule Import Order Payment Mapping.png|right]]
:* '''Create payments in Fishbowl''' - When selected, payments from the Magento transaction will be shown in the {{Module|Payment Viewer}}.
:* '''Use same payment method for all orders''' - When selected, all orders imported from Magento will use the selected payment method. If this option is unchecked, payment methods can be mapped by following the instructions [[#CarriersPayment methods|here]].
:{{HideH2|Taxes}} [[File:Magento Schedule Import Order Taxes.png|right]]
= Troubleshooting =
* Enter an email address on in the [[#Settings{{Module|'''Settings''' tab]] Schedule}} to receive error notifications.
* To view the scheduled tasks for the cart, open the {{Module|Schedule}}.
* To reduce errors, the suggested order for running tasks is '''Products''', '''ImportOrder''', '''Inventory''', '''ExportOrder'''.

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