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Release Notes
= Release Notes =
'''==Release Version 2.3 - 04/04/2017 - Works with FB version 2017.2 and higher'''==
== '''Considerations before updating to version 2.3 =='''
* Australia and Canada only - fixed tax functionality to set the tax rate correctly.
'''==Release Version 2.2 - 3/16/2017 - Works with FB version 2017.1 and newer'''==
* Changed product mapping options to have FB Fields as static and Magento as dynamic
* Added product weight mapping
* Improved the reset last sync functionality
'''==Released on 3/15/2017 - For Fishbowl version 2017.2 and higher==
* Compatibility fixes for 2017.2 version of Fishbowl
'''==Released on 3/9/2017'''==
* Enhancement to store Magento Cart Store ID in SO Custom Field
*Issue: Last Sync Date was set to task completion not task start
::Note - product will try to map Magento SKU to FB Product Number. If no match then a new product will be created.
'''==Released on 2/9/2017'''==
* Enhancements
::* Ability to push product price and description changes from FB to Magento after initial product sync
::* Line item level discounts now apply correctly
'''==Released on 10/13/2016'''==
* Issue: Saving the sales person is required for import order, even when the task is not active.
::* Resolution: Required fields are only required on active tasks.

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