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Magento Cart

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* '''Magento Order Status''' - This selection determines which status of Magento orders will be imported into Fishbowl.
{{Cart Customer}}
* '''Use Company company name for new customers''' - When selected, the '''Company name''' from the Magento order will be used instead of the '''First name''' and '''Last name'''.
* '''Use Magento Order Number as Fishbowl SO Number''' - When selected, sales orders will be created using the Magento order number as the Fishbowl sales order number.
* '''CarrierUse same carrier and carrier service for all orders''' - When selected, sales all orders imported from Magento will be created using this use the selected carrier and carrierservice. Carriers can If this option is unchecked, carriers must be mapped by clicking the {{Button|Mapping}}.* '''Payment MethodUse same payment method for all orders''' - Sales When selected, all orders imported from Magento will be created using this use the selected payment method. This field If this option is required. Payment unchecked, payment methods can must be mapped by clicking the {{Button|Mapping}}.* '''Use Order Tax Item''' - Tax rate item for the total When selected, orders with tax amount that are imported from Magento. Can only specify a flat rate will use the customer assigned taxcode in Fishbowl. If the list this option is emptyunchecked, [[Tax_Rate#Add_a_tax_rate|create a the specified flat rate tax]] to will be used with Magento. The flat rate amount can be set to $0 in the {{Module|Tax Rate}}, and then the correct total tax amount will be set when the order is imported from Magento.
{{H2|Order Export}} [[File:Magento Schedule Export Order Tab.png|right]]

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