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Magento Cart

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* '''Update Magento Order Status''' - When selected, Magento orders will be updated after the product(s) on the order have been shipped in Fishbowl. If left blank, Fishbowl will not update the status of the Magento order.
{{H2|Schedule ProductsProduct import}} [[File:Magento Schedule Products Tab.png|right]]
{{Products before orders}}
{{Schedule|sync products}}
* '''Pull products to FishbowlField Mapping''' - When selected, products created in Magento will be imported Use the icon buttons on the right side of the table to Fishbowledit the field mappings.* '''Push products to storeWeight UOM''' - When selectedIf the weight UOM isn't set in Magento, products created in Fishbowl the default UOM listed here will be exported to Magentoused.* '''Magento fieldsSize UOM''' - Select how If the Magento '''SKU''', '''Name''', '''Short Description''', '''Description''', and '''Weight size UOMisn''' are mapped t set in Fishbowl.* '''Product tree filter''' - When left blank, all products will be pushed to Magento. To limit the products that are pushed to Magento, click the {{Icon Button|Product Tree}}. The selected category and all of its sub-categories default UOM listed here will then be included in the syncused.
{{H2|Schedule Inventory}} [[File:Magento Schedule Inventory Tab.png|right]]

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