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::*Resolution: New products created in FB when pulling from Magento.
::Note - product will try to map Magento SKU to FB Product Number. If no match then a new product will be created.
'''Released on 2/9/2017'''
* Enhancements
::* Ability to push product price and description changes from FB to Magento after initial product sync
::* Added more product field mapping options for SKU, Name, and Description fields
::* Customer email from Magento order now imports to the FB SO
::* Magento Store identity is now stored on the FB SO
::* Line item identity is now stored in SO Line Item custom field
::* If the FB carrier is set to UPS, USPS, FEDEX or DHL that will be sent to Magento, otherwise the value "custom" is sent along with the tracking number.
* Fixes
::* Configurable Products now import correctly to FB
::* Zero Dollar Orders now import to FB
::* Line item level discounts now apply correctly

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