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* Enter an email address on The attributes and IDs for orders and products can viewed or modified by clicking the [[#SettingsFile:Small.{{{1|Shopify}}}.png|bottom]] '''Settings{{{1|Shopify}}}''' tab]] to receive error notificationsbutton at the top of the {{Module|Sales Order}} and the {{Module|Product}}.* To view the scheduled tasks for the cart{{Module|{{{1|Shopify}}}}}, open the {{Module|Schedule}}.* To reduce errors, the suggested order for running tasks is '''Products''', '''ImportOrder''', '''Inventory''', '''ExportOrder'''.
* A scheduled task can be run manually by double-clicking the task.
* Enter an email address in the {{Module|Schedule}} to receive error notifications.* To view the history of a schedule scheduled task, including the result/error, click the {{Icon Button|History}} in the {{Module|Schedule}}.
* More details about recent errors can be viewed by opening the {{Module|Data}} and clicking the {{Button|Server Log}}.
* When applicable, click Check for multiple versions of the {{Button{1|ResetShopify}}} to reset the last sync date. This can be used to force jar file in '''C:\Program Files\Fishbowl\plugins\''' or '''\Applications\Fishbowl\plugins\''' on a more complete syncMac. If there are two {{{1|Shopify}}} versions, instead of just syncing items that have changed since exit the Fishbowl Server and remove the last syncolder version on all client and server computers.

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