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Below are several methods for contacting Fishbowl Support.
* Click the '''Help''' menu in the Fishbowl Client and select '''Support Chat'''.<br>[[File:Support Chat from Client.png|link=]]* The '''Help''' menu also has an option to '''Send Database to Fishbowl'''. This can be done from any client computer and is only available when Fishbowl Client if the user is logged in as has the [[Access_Rights#Setup|'''adminSetup-Send DB'''access right]]. This allows Fishbowl to help troubleshoot the database and log files. The same option is available by right-clicking the database in the Fishbowl Server options. To send just the logs, open the '''Server Log''' window in the {{Module|Data|Server log}}.* Click the this [{{Chat}} Live Chat] link in the top-left corner of any wiki page to chat with Fishbowl Support.* To contact the [[Account Sales Executive]] that is assigned to you, open the Fishbowl Client, click the '''Help''' menu, select '''About''', and then click the '''Support''' tab.<br>[[File:Account_Sales_Executive.png|link=]]* Fishbowl Support can also be contacted through email or phone by clicking [http here].* For questions regarding this documentation or the wikisite, please email {{email|documentation}}

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