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QuickBooks Journal Entries

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=== Service Items ===
Upon exporting your Sales Order (containing When a sales order with a Service Item) from Fishbowlservice item is exported, an Invoice invoice will be created in QuickBooks. Your Service The service item will affect QuickBooks accounts in the following ways: A credit will be made to the '''Sales Retail ''' account, and is offset by a Debit debit made to the '''Accounts Receivable'''. Please note If the following image:service item has a cost, a debit will be made to the '''COGS''' account, with an offsetting credit to the '''Service''' account.
[[File:T chart Service items.JPGpng]]
The following QuickBooks '''Transaction Detail by Account''' report shows the debit and credit accounts affected when a Sales Order sales order with a service item is exported from Fishbowl. As seen below, Sales Order #15 had 1 service item described as a Paint Job. A credit was made to the Sales Retail account with an offset debit made to the Accounts Receivable.
[[File:TDBA service item.JPG]]
The following image provides an Invoice view of this the service item. The report has been customized to show the '''Number ''' and '''UOM ''' of the product.
[[File:QB Invoice Service items.JPG]]

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