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Release Notes
{{Module Introduction|X-Cart|Integrations}} is an add-on module that can be installed from the {{Module|Plugin}}. After installing the plugin, a new module is added that integrates with one or more X-Cart shopping carts.__TOC__[[File:The X-Cart Plugin works on X-Cart5.png|link=]] {{IntroImage}} 
{{Plugin Install|X-Cart|Integrations}}
== Setup {{top}} ==
[[File:X-Cart API.png|right|link=]] In order to connect to X-Cart, follow the instructions below to set the [ read/write API key].
# Log in to the store administration page. This is typically the store URL followed by '''admin.php''' (for example, '''''')
# Click the '''Test Connection''' button in the {{Module|X-Cart}} to verify that the connection is valid and then click '''Save'''.
Multiple X-Cart carts can be configured by clicking the {{Button|New}}, which will add another '''X-Cart''' tab.{{Clear}} == Mapping {{top}} ==
The table below shows some of the how data that transfers between X-Cart and Fishbowl.
{| class="prettytable"
{{Cart Troubleshooting}} = TABS =
{{H2|Settings}} [[File:X-Cart Settings Tab.png|right]]
* '''Email''' - The email address to notify regarding integration information. Failed schedules will send an email to this address. Email can be configured on the {{ModuleTab|CompanySettings|Email}}.
{{H2|Schedule Import Order}} [[File:X-Cart Schedule Import Order Tab.png|right]]
* '''Shipping Terms''' - When selected, sales orders will be created using these shipping terms.
* '''Location Group''' - Sales orders will be created using this location group. This field is required.
{{Cart CustomerDetail}}
* '''SO Status''' - Orders can be imported as an estimate or issued status.
*{{anchor|Tax Item}}'''Tax Item''' - Tax rate item for the total tax amount from X-Cart. Can only specify a flat rate tax. If the list is empty, [[Tax_Rate#Add_a_tax_rate|create a flat rate tax]] to be used with X-Cart. The flat rate amount can be set to $0 in the {{Module|Tax Rate}}, and then the correct total tax amount will be set when the order is imported from X-Cart.
{{H2|Schedule Export Order}} [[File:X-Cart Schedule Export Order Tab.png|right]]
After an order has been fulfilled in Fishbowl, the order will be marked as '''Completed''' in X-Cart on the next {{Order export. The shipment tracking number will also be exported from Fishbowl to X-Cart.}}
{{Schedule|export orders}}
{{Schedule|sync inventory}}
* '''Location Group''' - When selected, the [[Inventory#Inventory_status_terms|Available For Sale]] inventory quantity will be used from this location group only. If left blank, the quantity from all location groups will be used.
{{Cart Troubleshooting|{{PAGENAME}}}}
=Release Notes=
{{HideH2|2019.6.0X – 6-18-2019 - Fishbowl 2019.5}}
* Compatibility updates
{{HideH2|2019.5.0X – 5-10-2019 - Fishbowl 2019.5}}
* Compatibility updates
{{HideH2|2019.4.01 – 4-11-2019 - Fishbowl 2019.4}}
* Compatibility updates
{{HideH2|2019.3.01 – 3-14-2019 - Fishbowl 2019.3}}
* Compatibility fixes for 2019.3 version of Fishbowl
* Fixed bug when QB class setting was not being applied to regular products in orders
* Fixed bug where plugins first loading into a new database displayed pop up windows that should not be there
* Multi-currency support for orders and payments created from the channel. Multi-Currency must be turned on in FB
* With multi-currency enabled there is an option to not create payments for international orders
* Fixed bug for when discount item field was left blank and saved, causing null errors
* Added tracking to shipments on FB for fulfilled orders
* Fixed bug where UI issue did not allow some order import setting panels to be seen
* Fixed bug where panels were not sizing properly on small screens
{{HideH2|2019.1.01 – 1-31-2019 - Fishbowl 2019.1}}
* Compatibility fixes for 2019.1 version of Fishbowl
{{HideH2|2018.12.01 – 12-13-2018 - Fishbowl 2018.12}}
* Compatibility fixes for 2018.12 version of Fishbowl
{{HideH2|2018.10.01 – 11/12/2018 - Fishbowl 2018.10}}
* Compatibility fixes for 2018.10 version of Fishbowl
{{HideH2|1.5 - 7/13/2017 - Fishbowl 2017.6}}
* Compatibility fixes for 2017.6 version of Fishbowl
{{HideH2|1.4 - 4/13/2017 - Fishbowl 2017.3}}
* Fixed tax functionality for Australia and Canada versions of Fishbowl
{{HideH2|1.3 - 3/15/2017 - Fishbowl 2017.2}}
* Compatibility fixes for 2017.2 version of Fishbowl

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