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Magento Cart

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* '''Shipping Terms''' - When selected, sales orders will be created using these shipping terms.
* '''Location Group''' - Sales orders will be created using this location group. This field is required.
* '''{{Cart Customer''' - When selected, sales orders will be created using this customer for every order. If left blank, unique customer information for each order will be imported from the shopping cart. Address information will be imported for each order regardless of customer selection.}}
* '''SO Status''' - Orders can be imported as an estimate, issued, or fulfilled status. Setting orders to fulfilled status will import orders and then quick fulfill them.
* '''Tax Item''' - Tax rate item for the total tax amount from Magento. Can only specify a flat rate tax. If the list is empty, [[Tax_Rate#Add_a_tax_rate|create a flat rate tax]] to be used with Magento. The flat rate amount can be set to $0 in the {{Module|Tax Rate}}, and then the correct total tax amount will be set when the order is imported from Magento.

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