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Magento Cart

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* '''Email''' - The email address to notify regarding integration information. Failed schedules will send an email to this address. Email can be configured on the {{ModuleTab|Company|Email}}.
* '''Magento SKU''' - The '''SKU''' ** When using a "Simple Product" in Magento , the Magento SKU can be mapped to the '''SKUProduct Number''' or the '''Product NumberSKU''' in Fishbowl.** When using anything other than a "Simple Product" in Magento, select '''SKU'''.
* '''Magento Name''' - The '''Name''' in Magento can be mapped to the '''Product Number''' or '''SKU''' in Fishbowl.
* '''Short Description''' - The '''Short Description''' in Magento will be mapped to the '''Description''' in Fishbowl.

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