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In order to connect to Magento, the Magento API must first be configured properly. Follow the steps below to [[#1. Create a role|create a role and ]], [[#2. Create a user|create a user]], and then enter the credentials into the [[#3. Store Settings|store settings]] of the {{Module|Magento}}.
== 1. Create a SOAP/XML-RPC Role role {{top}} ==
# Log into the Magento admin dashboard and navigate to '''System''' > '''Web Services''' > '''SOAP/XML-RPC - Roles'''.<br>[[File:Magento Roles.png]]
== 2. Create a SOAP/XML-RPC User user {{top}} ==
# Navigate to '''System''' > '''Web Services''' > '''SOAP/XML-RPC - Users'''.<br>[[File:Magento Users.png]]
== 3. Store Settings {{top}} ==
# Open the {{Module|Magento}} and enter the '''Store URL''' and the user credentials that were created above.<br>[[File:Magento Credentials.png|link=]]

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