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'''Create a SOAP/XML-RPC Role'''
[[File:Magento New Role1.png|right|link=]][[File:Magento New Role2.png|right|link=]]# Log into the Magento admin dashboard.# Navigate and navigate to '''System''' > '''Web Services''' > '''SOAP/XML-RPC - Roles'''.<br>[[File:Magento Roles.png]]
# Click '''Add New Role'''.
# Enter a '''Name''', such as '''Fishbowl'''.# Enter and then enter the '''Current Admin Password''' so that the role can be saved when completed.<br>[[File:Magento New Role1.png]]# Click '''Role Resources''' under '''Role Information''' on the left.# Select and select '''All''' from the '''Resource Access''' drop down.<br>[[File:Magento New Role2.png]]
# Click '''Save Role'''.

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