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'''Create a SOAP/XML-RPC User'''
[[File:Fishbowl Integration Magento 4.png|right|link=]]
[[File:Fishbowl Integration Magento 5.png|right|link=]]
# Log into the Magento admin dashboard.
# Navigate to '''System''' > '''Web Services''' > '''SOAP/XML-RPC - Users'''.
# Click '''Add New User'''.
# Enter a '''User Name''', such as '''Fishbowl'''.
# Enter the '''User Name''' into the '''Magento Username''' field in the integration application.
# Fill out the '''First Name''', '''Last Name''', and '''Email''' for the user being created.
# Enter the '''Current Admin Password''' so that the user can be saved when completed.
# Create an '''API Key''' for the user. This is essentially a password. Confirm the password in the '''API Key Confirmation''' field.
# Enter the '''API Key''' into the '''Magento API Key''' field in the integration application.
# Click '''User Role''' from the list on the left.
# Select the role created above.
'''Enter credentialsStore Settings'''
# Open the {{Module|Magento}} and enter the '''Store URL''' and the user credentials that were created above.<br>[[File:Magento Credentials.png|link=]]

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