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Magento Cart

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{{HideH2|Schedule Import Order}} [[File:Magento Schedule Import Order Tab.png|right]]
* '''Schedule''' - Select the {{Checkbox|Active|1}} to import orders on a set schedule. Click the {{Button|Schedule}} to run the schedule right now.
* '''Salesperson''' - Sales orders will be created using this salesperson. This field is required.
* '''Carrier''' - When selected, sales orders will be created using this carrier.
{{HideH2|Schedule Export Order}} [[File:Magento Schedule Export Order Tab.png|right]]
* '''Update Magento Order Status''' - When selected, Magento orders will be updated after the product(s) on the order have been shipped in Fishbowl. If left blank, Fishbowl will not update the status of the Magento order.
{{HideH2|Schedule Products}} [[File:Magento Schedule Products Tab.png|right]]
* '''Pull products to Fishbowl''' - When selected, products created in Magento will be created in Fishbowl. This is required to create Magento producst in Fishbowl.
* '''Push products to Magento''' - When selected, products created in Fishbowl will be created in Magento. This is required to create Fishbowl products in Magento.
* '''Always sync all products''' - When selected, the entire product list in Magento and Fishbowl will sync. Typically, this setting would be used on the initial integration, and then disabled afterward to allow for a faster sync of just new products.
{{HideH2|Schedule Inventory}} [[File:Magento Schedule Inventory Tab.png|right]]
* '''Schedule''' -

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